Trays of pizzas, trays of pasta and boats of fried foods, do you remember the aperitif buffet? There are still some restrictions on standing consumption and the single saucer seems to be the ideal solution if you want to keep the average receipt plus the aperitif , as happened in past years.
However, some managers remain skeptical about converting from buffet to single portion because it could require different times, personnel resources and cooking methods and reduce the buffet offer. However, this is not always the case: the timing, quality and variety of the aperitif offer also depend on the equipment used to prepare the menu.

How to organize an aperitif without a buffet

And this is what chef Eugenia Botti explains to you in the latest free webinar produced by Techfood and dedicated to the Combi Wave and Combi Wave Smart ovens . Find out how to organize a single-portion aperitif designed to guarantee high quality and low food cost without resorting to extra staff so as not to slow down the service. In the video lasting about an hour, you can see the chef at work with Combi technologies in preparing valid recipes for single-portion saucers typical of aperitifs, from fochizza to fried without oil.

The demonstration by chef Eugenia Botti with Combi Wave and Combi Wave Smart is the proof: even the saucer, if well designed, can become a service plus even for small bars and clubs, even without a flue. Combi ovens, in fact, if used to work with pre-cooked products, do not require an extraction system .

How to limit the expenses of the aperitif

The preparation of small plates for the aperitif upon request is a good practice to increase the offer and limit costs and inventories typical of the buffet. Let's see some tricks to reduce expenses at this time of day:

  1. analyze customer habits and preferences before purchasing the raw material;
  2. focuses on original recipes with few but quality ingredients;
  3. save on raw materials by buying directly from farmers.

As they say, " making a virtue out of necessity " and this is what happens to those who put their efforts into organizing a perfect saucer aperitif. This sales format – growing with the new catering trends in the post-Covid era – is not the only one you can enhance thanks to Combi ovens. Find out how to improve the take away and delivery service, watch the dedicated free video course.
June 24, 2021