Thanks to TV series, cooking shows and social networks, American desserts are increasingly popular in Italy. In recent years, in fact, we have witnessed the birth of various Bakeries , premises halfway between an oven and a cafeteria where you can take a break during the day . What does it mean to open such a business in the land of the stainless cappuccino-croissant combination, and even in an even more peculiar context like that of Sardinia? We asked Martina Murgia, owner of Cooking Momo Bakery .

Where is the venue located?

The restaurant is located in Cagliari, in a fairly central area. Although we are not close to the sea and not even in the shopping or nightlife district of Cagliari, in recent years we have been very good at making ourselves known and we have a very loyal clientele.

How did you decide to open your restaurant?

I opened the place thanks to a tender from the Municipality of Cagliari, together with my boyfriend. He has always worked in the horeca sector, while I was very fascinated by pastry and typical American bakery sweets and I wanted to throw myself into this adventure.

What does it propose?

We are able to satisfy a very large public because we have different proposals for the most moments of the day, from the cafeteria to the aperitifs. We offer a wide assortment of teas and chocolates, and all American desserts such as cheesecake and french toast are fresh and homemade by us every day.

What is the specialty of your restaurant?

We are very attentive to the offer of the cafeteria, which we take care of with particular attention, also trying our hand at latte art . In addition to homemade desserts, we are also known because in our restaurant you can find many other American food products not normally sold in Italy.

What are the strengths of the venue?

Definitely the attention we have towards the customer. We have a very varied target: young people, families and even the elderly. We try to make everyone feel comfortable and at home, trying to satisfy every need.

Why did you choose to rely on Techfood?

I chose Techfood because it allowed me to bring a product to Cagliari that was not present until now, namely the Bubble Waffle . I found myself well right away for the great availability and reliability.

What are the advantages of having a Techfood machine?

I have certainly increased my clientele, because this new product has also attracted the attention of new customers and has intrigued those who already knew us. The different versions of Bubble Waffle that we prepare are also the protagonists of beautiful shots that we publish on our social networks.

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What is your favorite quality of Bubble Waffle?

Surely the fact that it works alone thanks to the timer , in the meantime I can devote myself to something else, for example the preparation of the fillings. We always invent different ones!

What must a successful restaurant have?

Personally I believe it is essential to always have new ideas to offer to entice customers to come back, obviously using quality products.

If you too are attentive to the latest trends and have a clientele on the hunt for novelties, tryBubble Waffle bubbles, to be served in a sweet or savory version with a food cost of €0.40 . You can also combine it with our E-bike and embark on a street food adventure , both to open a new business and to complement the offer of a restaurant.

June 26, 2019