They are under forty years old, they are crazy about quality food and they don't feel old at all if they talk about typical products and refined cocktails at the table. They are the Millennials, those born between 1981 and 1998 who represent an attractive target for the realities of food and wine tourism, especially for this summer in which Italians are rediscovering the Bel Paese, even at the table .

Proximity tourism, the 2020 trend

In this summer he criticizes the trump card of holiday resorts, it is proximity tourism or the tourism of those who do not go far but do not give up on a holiday out of town .
According to the latest data from Cna Turismo , Puglia wins hands down over all regions, together with Tuscany, Sicily, Sardinia and the Marches, a new entry among the seaside trends. On the podium of mountain holidays, however, Trentino Alto Adige remains, but Lombardy, Piedmont and Val d'Aosta also make room.
The decline - notes Cna - is somewhat generalized. Above all, the absence, or almost so, of foreigners and also of organized groups that have rapidly changed the panorama of holidays in Italy weighs heavily. It is necessary to move alone, in pairs or with a few friends. The holiday industry can practically only count on Italians.

The one described by Cna a little while ago is the profile of the Millennials, the target to aim for a safe and gourmet sale.
couple of tourists in Rome looking at the menu in a restaurant

The instagrammable aperitif with Ice N Roll

How to recognize the Millennials? It is a generation that appreciates innovations and is attracted by curious food&drink combinations. In fact, they show great attention to ethnic cuisine : a whim they can't give up, especially if in street food format. This is why Millennials can appreciate innovations such as Ice N Roll, the rolled ice cream inspired by Thai street cuisine and represents a low-cost solution for food and wine tourism operators (€0.30 per portion).

Ice cream should never be missing from the summer menu of bars and clubs, not even during aperitifs. Ice N Roll lends itself perfectly to being combined with cocktails or buffets to give a touch of fresh originality to the offer. With the plate for instant freezing of ice creams and sorbets, you only need 30 seconds to work the preparation, which can be rolled up with a spatula and enriched with any ingredient.

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Inserting ice cream into the menu is simpler than one might believe, both in the aperitif dish than in other preparations. Some recipes: raw ham with melon Ice N Roll, prawns with mandarin Ice N Roll, Parmigiano Reggiano with pear Ice N Roll and balsamic vinegar. There are many flavors and not just sweets : alongside the more traditional tiramisu, coffee and fruit, for example, you can create saffron, parmesan and gorgonzola ice creams.

Even alcohol they lend themselves to being transformed into rolls of ice cream to be served in small cups. Just add ingredients such as Spritz or Campari, prosecco or champagne to the preparation. The mix of the drink is added to the ice cream , so as to offer an original variant. Read chef Simone Agosta's advice for hitting the Millennials at happy hour, when their taste for the exotic pushes them to follow the new trends in food and wine tourism.
The advantages are many, because Ice N Roll has a very low food cost of 0.30 euros and is produced on demand : any flavor of ice cream or sorbet is created on the spot, without waste and without the need to resort to specialized personnel.
July 30, 2019