How do you run a successful bar? This is one of the questions we like to ask the interviewees of our Techfood Stories the most. There are many answers, from the passion for one's work to constant research, without forgetting the quality of the service and raw materials.

However, keeping the quality level of a bar high is not always easy. Habits in this play against you and risk taking you away from your goals . The time has therefore come to put your business under a magnifying glass, to find confirmations and aspects to improve, with our 7 self-assessment questions.

1. What are the club's objectives?

Don't you remember them anymore? Reestablish them, and once they reach them, create new ones for the maintenance or growth of the place. Goals must be SMART . The SMART method derives from business management, for which objectives are valid if they are:

  • specific;
  • Measurable;
  • Accessible;
  • realistic;
  • Temporary.

2. Do staff know the objectives?

This is a very important aspect, often overlooked. The staff, even if seasonal, must know the objectives of the premises in order to contribute to their achievement . And once achieved, make the staff feel part of the success.

3. Are staff involved?

As anticipated in the previous question, an involved staff who shares objectives and quality standards is essential for the success of the restaurant. A cohesive team is synonymous with security in the eyes of customers and creates an efficient work environment that the public appreciates.

smiling bartender at bar counter with tray of beers

4. Does the customer feel unique?

With the force of habit, some attentions behind the counter can be lost, but they are noticed by the customer. Arranging the cup and teaspoon correctly, serving each person with courtesy, are all gestures not to be forgotten for an impeccable and attentive service to the consumer . Remember: a pampered customer is a loyal customer .

5. What is the customer waiting time?

Waiting is a crucial point in managing a restaurant. If behind the counter life goes on at a thousand an hour, on the other side time seems to dilate. When we ask ourselves how to manage a bar, we must therefore also ask ourselves how to manage expectations. Queues and long times are often a sign of problems , such as lack of staff and disorganization in the kitchen. It is necessary to evaluate new solutions to speed up processes, such as relying on ultra-fast cooking technologies such as Combi Wave and Combi Masterchef .

people queuing at the bar counter waiting for coffee

6. Does the profit correspond to the expectations?

A successful bar must be able to make high margins, ie the difference between the revenues and costs of a product. At the time of the balance it is important to evaluate which products and categories are more profitable , trying to push their sale for a greater profit.

7. How much waste is there?

We will be clear right away: for a restaurant , food waste is above all an economic waste . Understanding and always having clear the cost of each individual dish will help you to reduce any excesses, without affecting margins and profit. There are real basic rules for limiting waste, and it all starts with calculating the food cost .

person with smartphone in hand taking a picture of a dish in a restaurant

How do you run a bar, online?

To these seven questions we want to add another, now fundamental for the success of a restaurant: what is the online presence of the restaurant?

How do you manage a bar in 2018 without thinking about digital? It's impossible. Positioning on search engines , presence on Facebook and Instagram , online reviews are part of everyday life. That's why we thought we'd show you 3 tips for online marketing .

November 15, 2018