Increasing a bar's customers can prove to be an obstacle , especially at the time of opening or after many years of activity. The web is full of hints and ideas for a successful bar, but few think of being inspired by the great giants of the sector such as Starbucks . For this reason, today we offer you 5 strategies of the American chain to learn to increase the customers of a bar.

Starbucks: success goes beyond the frappuccino

Established in 1971, Starbucks is the American giant present throughout the world with nearly 30,000 points of sale . In 2012 the company also arrived in Europe, and after years of absence it opened its first store in Milan last November.

Like it or not, Starbucks is an example of how coffee can become an experience to sell . Its success is due to many factors, some of which are interesting for those who have a bar or a place with a cafeteria service.

1. Sell an experience

As we anticipated, Starbucks doesn't offer coffee, cappuccino or donuts, it sells a total customer experience. Entering a store, you perceive how everything is designed to create a comfortable and comfortable environment, like at home. From design to beverage personalization, Starbucks puts the customer first by offering a premium experience for which people are willing to pay more.

How to decline this aspect to increase the customers of a traditional bar? Give customers an exclusive moment , even just one day a week. For example, the Saturday morning brunch, with a specially selected menu and an environment that makes customers feel at home. Put pillows and blankets at your disposal, to evoke breakfast in bed, and serve freshly made hot pancakes with the new Rondò Unika plate .

2. Personalize the service

Let's start with an example: have you ever felt like you were doing something wrong by ordering coffee in a bar? It's happened to everyone at least once and you certainly wouldn't go back to that bar. Starbucks, on the other hand, trains its employees professionally to learn how to relate to the customer. And it is precisely the customer who is at the center of the whole strategy, just think of how easy it is to personalize your drink without huffing and grimacing from the bartenders.

What you can learn from Starbucks to increase a cafe's customers is the quality of service, friendly and customer-centric . We are well aware that it is not easy to offer extensive customization, for many reasons: time, personnel and costs. However, the extra step to improve is to try to satisfy the customer's needs without being annoyed by menu variations.

3. Strengthen the take away

The take away is easily linked to the personalization of the service. At Starbucks, in fact, a customer can decide whether to consume at the table or to take away, and the customer's name is written on the paper cups. Anyone who goes to Starbucks knows how much the take away service is guaranteed by quality standards . The coffee accompanies the customer from the counter to the office, in a journey that can last up to 30 minutes, which is why it is served at high temperatures.

How to enhance the take away to increase customers ? First, communicate service by letting people know you also offer coffee to go. Then evaluate the best solution for the packaging, even better if the glasses have the logo of your establishment. And to personalize the service? Write a greeting to customers as a wish for a good day.

4. Take care of the appearance of the room

Starbucks outlets are designed to give the environment a modern and welcoming feel. Although the place in Milan is far from the classic style of the giant in terms of beauty and style, all the shops are designed to give relaxation through the study of the spaces and the furnishing choices . The furniture itself recalls the brand in terms of color and style, and completes the image that people have of Starbucks.

How to improve the visual aspect of a bar? Choose furnishing accessories that reflect the style of your place, eliminate useless objects and reduce the exhibitors. Try to lighten the environment and create a relaxed space for consumption at the table away from the chaos of the counter. One last piece of furniture advice, adapt it according to the season to improve the consumer experience.

5. Don't limit your stay

In Italian bars, if you stay for a long time, you risk taking on the dislikes of the manager. The impatience to see the free table in a short time is a boomerang, because it drives away customers who are potentially easier to retain. At Starbucks a person can stay, work, make acquaintances and go away without any limit of permanence. All of this has enormous value in terms of retaining and attracting new customers .

To increase the customers of a bar, then, patience and free wi-fi are needed. In this way you go to intercept freelancers and students – that is the typical target of Starbucks – with the possibility that they take more orders in a single stop.

Increase bar customers through social media

What we have drawn up so far are 5 strategies linked exclusively to the physical venue. However, a fundamental tool to increase the public is social media, Starbucks itself is confirmed among the first social companies in the world . The online presence of a restaurant helps its success, because it simplifies communication with potential or already established customers. Find out how to take good care of social media with our 3 tips for online marketing of bars and clubs .

December 06, 2018