Your local plant-based , have you ever thought about it? In this article, we have collected some useful ideas for restaurateurs and bartenders who want to implement trendy and, so to speak, "green" solutions in their gastronomic offer.
In fact, structuring a plant-based restaurant means devising a mainly plant-based menu proposal , thus responding to those who choose a vegetarian diet and a healthier and more sustainable food style.

We will therefore see which suggestions to apply to your menu and which advantages result from the development of a plant-based restaurant.

Plant-based menu: where to start

Regardless of whether yours is a newly opened or already established restaurant, the first choice you will have to make concerns the offer strategy : expand the presence of plant-based dishes, maintaining a traditional proposal, or focus on specialization and offer 100% dishes plant-based?

Once the impact of the plant-based proposal has been determined, it will then be necessary to define the quantity and variety of dedicated dishes , leaving ample space for vegetables, cereals, nuts, seeds, legumes and fruit. Choice to be made taking into consideration, for example, the seasonality of fruit and vegetables, the offer of frozen product lines, the availability of space in the kitchen and the technological equipment for cooking.

Once made available, it will then be useful to promote the new menu and collect feedback from customers, feedback that will allow you to evaluate the validity of choosing a plant-based venue.

Why a plant-based venue: 3 good reasons

  • Plant based products are now transversal foods !
    In fact, plant-based foods represent not only the choice for all those who follow a vegetarian diet, but also for the many Italians who choose to reduce the consumption of animal proteins in their diet for health and/or environmental reasons.
  • There are already entire plant-based product lines such as the dedicated one, signed by Rispo, which re-proposes various dishes of Italian gastronomic culture entirely on a plant-based basis.

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  • Cooking plant-based hamburgers, cutlets, nuggets and arancini, compared to the same specialties in the traditional recipe, is equally quick and easy with the Combi Wave oven .

Your local plant-based , why not?
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September 08, 2022