If you're looking for ideas to attract customers to a bar, now's the time to follow our Christmas tips. Christmas is perfect for increasing sales, because the Festive atmosphere encourages people to spend more time away from home, especially if in a convivial context such as a bar or restaurant. Check out our five ideas for attracting customers to a café this Christmas.

Five ideas to attract customers to a bar at Christmas

1) Organize the Christmas aperitif

In this period of the year, Christmas dinners are a fixed appointment that cannot be missed. Christmas dinner with colleagues, relatives, friends and even acquaintances never seems to end, risking becoming a burden rather than a moment of pleasure.
To differentiate yourself from the other places, offer the Christmas aperitif, a rich buffet that wants to replace the rigid formula of the Christmas dinner. One of the ideas to attract customers to a bar to sell to the public by focusing on the informality of the event, on the flexibility that adapts to every need.
For the occasion, don't forget to update the menu with typical Christmas dishes in a finger food version. Creating a Christmas buffet is a quick and practical solution, especially if Combi Wave is in the kitchen to help you. Thanks to the innovative oven you can cook, heat, grill, toast and fry without oil in a flash.
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2) Create an area dedicated to exchanging gifts

Not only Christmas dinners, during the Holidays you find yourself in front of a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of wine to exchange gifts. Study an area dedicated to the gift exchange, decorated with fairy lights and candles for an even more vibrant atmosphere.
Also place some recycling bins in this area. In this way your customers will be happy to be able to immediately eliminate ribbons, ribbons and torn wrapping paper and your establishment will always be in order.
In the area dedicated to exchanging gifts, also place frames to take photos and entice your customers to take and share a photograph of the joyful moment on social networks by tagging your bar.

3) Create and communicate the Christmas promotion

Social networks are also very useful tools for communicating Christmas promotions. The ideal would be to push seasonal products aiming for the offer not to be missed. For example, the Sunday hour where two hot chocolates are for the price of one, or mulled wine for half price during happy hour.
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4) Decorate and prepare your place for Christmas

There is nothing more beautiful than spending a nice December afternoon in a place decorated in a Christmas way. This is what the public and your clientele think when they spend time in a club dressed up to the nines.
Here are some of our ideas for attracting customers to a bar using original and low-cost decorations with cork stoppers, Christmas lights and fir branches.

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5) Don't forget the showcase

If you're looking for ideas to attract customers to a bar, you can't forget the showcase. A fundamental tool for communicating the offers of your restaurant to the public, such as Christmas promotions. The showcase must be inviting, it is your business card and for this reason it must be decorated for the holidays.
If you have little space, use cardboard and a glass marker to draw a real snowy city, otherwise take advantage of the spaces and heights to drop decorations such as gift packages, pine cones and trinkets from above.

How will you spend this Christmas? Definitely in the company of your customers if you follow our ideas for attracting customers to a bar during the holiday season. Find out more secrets about winter decor for bars and clubs
December 08, 2017