How to appear on Google? How can I get to the first page? ” More and more Italian managers are asking themselves these questions. And they are legitimate doubts, just think that in our country the bars active today reach 150 thousand. In such a crowded reality, competition becomes increasingly difficult to manage, even online. Certainly difficult, but not impossible.

Users are now accustomed to searching Google for what and where to eat, an advantageous aspect for bars and clubs that want to make themselves known to new potential customers. However there is a problem: users are lazy, so much so that they don't continue searching beyond the first page of results .

Just like in a cycling race, some precautions are needed to appear on the front page. The first is basic: the bicycle, or rather the tools to achieve the goal. There are many means to reach the first place among the results, from the simplest to the most complex.

1. SEO, or rather the resistant Graziella

When we talk about Google positioning we often talk about SEO - Search Engine Optimization , the activity of optimizing a website to bring it among the first results in a natural way . SEO is like a Graziella, the historic Italian bicycle. Solid and resistant, it takes you to the front page with a little effort but a lot of satisfaction.

SEO activity is a method through which keywords used by users during research are inserted into the site pages . For example, if we insert “gluten free restaurant Bologna” on the website of a local, the website of the local will appear among the search results linked to that keyword.

Google search results seo activity

The most relevant keyword must answer these 2 questions:

1) What are users really interested in?

2) What problems do they want to solve by searching the web?

There are tools online that can help you target the right keywords, the most popular being Google's Keyword Planner .

2. SEA, the pedal assisted bicycle

Unlike SEO, SEA - Search Engine Advertising - allows you to position a site more easily. Like a pedal assisted bicycle, the mechanism behind the SEA facilitates positioning on the first page of Google.

In fact, the results are not natural, but are pay-per-click paid ads . The advertiser then pays a sum every time a user clicks on his link. The ads are uploaded and advertised through AdWords , Google's platform dedicated to sponsorship campaigns.

The paid placement is marked with the designation “Ann.” which stands for announcement and indicates a SEA activity.

Google search results sea activity

This type of business has high click through rates to the site, because it appears among the first results of a search. However there are two contraindications: the cost is quite high seen and usually a figure able to manage the creation and programming of the ads is useful.

3. Google My Business, racing on a sports bike

As in cycling, even in Google positioning you can compete as professionals. In this case, the ultra-light sports bike studied in detail is Google My Business , the free platform that allows businesses to manage their online presence on Google , including Maps.

It is a real online card associated with the business. All you need is a Gmail account to create one, with the possibility of inserting images, opening hours, website, and even writing posts. In this way you will be able to give more information to users, increasing the rate of dialogue with them. Don't forget to take care of the reviews, which appear immediately after the main information about the place.

Google My Business is essential for a restaurant, because it is a tool designed in detail to present a business online and encourage the user to contact it . This is why it is the most technical bicycle with which you can reach the top of the search results.

Did you want the bicycle? Now pedal to the front page

With the combined activities of SEO, SEA and Google My Business how to appear on Google will no longer be your dilemma. There will be ups and downs and the finish line will seem far away, but with the right pedaling the first page of Google isn't that far away. And once you've updated your Google presence, take some time to perfect your local social networks .

April 16, 2024