Christmas is approaching and for a commercial activity it is important to prepare and decorate the place in order to make the atmosphere magical and, consequently, attract customers .
Whoever owns a bar will have to furnish it in such a way as to let the Christmas atmosphere breathe in every corner , whoever manages a restaurant will be able to set up spaces dedicated to the upcoming holidays in the same way.
However, this is a far from simple goal; if on the one hand there is the risk of exaggerating, on the other the danger is that of not doing justice to lovers of decorations.
So here are some tips to make the most of spaces and make your place even more pleasant for your customers and, rightly so, for you too.

Rule number 1: set up with taste.

Generally, when you have to set up a bar for the Christmas holidays, the common thought is to insert a series of objects related to this event inside the room. However, using soft toys, panettone, decorative boxes and decorations without following a logical thread would not embellish the bar but would probably make it a bit confusing. Indeed, decorating a bar for Christmas does not mean turning it into a shop but carefully choosing all the most beautiful decorations and objects , possibly following a logic. Unfortunately, the lack of care in furnishing confuses customers and ruins the perception they have or could have of your place.
But fear not, a few simple tricks and a pinch of good taste are enough to create a nice and captivating decor.

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The counter

First let's think about the counter, the most important element when entering a bar. Since it must be left free in order to serve customers, it is advisable not to use too many decorations in the upper part on which the food is placed but to concentrate on the lower part . Here it is possible to place colored or white Christmas lights , depending on the style of the bar, snowy green garlands or balls, taking care to maintain chromatic consistency .


Needless to say, even the shop window cannot escape the Christmas decorations: it is, in fact, the first thing customers will see and for this reason it is essential to set it up in an attractive way.
Small or large, the advice is to take advantage of its height, creating the illusion that parcels, pine cones and Christmas balls are falling from the sky. The more creative, on the other hand, will be able to draw landscapes and snowy cities with brushes or spray cans.

Rule number 2: pay attention to the encumbrances.

The Christmas decorations inside a room must be carefully chosen so as not to limit normal work activities and at the same time make the atmosphere warm and welcoming.
One of the simplest solutions is to hang a series of colored lights on the ceiling of the bar that are sure to catch the eye. Alternatively, it is possible to drop Christmas balls from the ceiling like those that would usually hang on the tree.
As for the latter, those who have a lot of space in the room can place one in a corner, provided it is not too large. Otherwise it is good to prefer smaller decorations that do not detract from the Christmas spirit.
A very nice idea to create DIY decorations for the bar is to use the cork stoppers from bottles to make a small tree . This solution is very simple to put into practice and can also be done by those who do not have great manual skills. All you need to do is bring a good number of cork stoppers - it shouldn't be difficult! - and arrange them to form a pyramid . To join them together, just use simple glue and wait for it to dry well. To complete the work you can add leaves and red berries to give color.

Rule number 3: originality always pays off

To encourage the visit of new customers, sometimes the best method is to use simple and at the same time effective expedients. An example?
Setting up the shop window in such an original way that customers want to take pictures and selfies next to it. To find inspiration and fight banality, the ideal ally for finding excellent ideas is Pinterest .

christmas techfood

Another idea to attract customers is to organize a gift exchange area . Just furnish a small corner with a table, some chairs, sofas or armchairs and, to make everything more aesthetic and festive, garlands, stars and red ribbons. The extra idea on a very small budget? Place empty frames , a Santa hat, reindeer ears or any themed gadget you want, with which customers will be happy to take photos to share on social media.
To increase visibility, customers can be asked to tag the bar in their stories .
One last tip? Pay particular attention to music : creating an ad hoc playlist will immediately make your venue irresistible.
Seeing is believing!