October 31st is just around the corner and, together with it, the most singular and irreverent day of the year: Halloween . Historically celebrated in the United States and America, in recent decades it has also taken hold in many other countries, including Italy.
During the night between October 31st and November 1st, children go from house to house disguised as monstrous creatures for the famous " trick or treat " ritual, while adults love to party until late, strong in being able to sleep until late the next morning.
It goes without saying that it's an excellent and fun opportunity to attract customers and offer original and, why not, a little terrifying alternatives to the whole family.

So how to decorate your place?

Halloween pumpkin
Let's start with setting up the exterior: even before entering it, it should be clear that Halloween is being celebrated in your establishment . How to do?
Install special lights, being the end of October it will get dark soon and lighting will be your best ally: so make way for lanterns, the classic carved pumpkins with candles , themed luminous festoons with simple writings.
Bats that fly, coffins that open, skeletons that come to life and other animated decorations are all ideas that you can use both inside and outside the club. At the entrance, for example, you can show a polystyrene plaque or footprints of a bloodied foot on the ground that lead right into the room.

halloween decorations

And for the interior? Hang ghosts or skeletons on the walls, create a suggestive atmosphere by dimming the lights and filling tables and counters with candles , create fake cobwebs in the corners of the room.

All in masks

halloween decorations

A perfectly decorated venue would lose all its magic if you and all the staff weren't dressed for the occasion too .
You don't need a complicated outfit: just wear horror masks , themed trinkets, false teeth, creepy makeup or vampire, witch, devil or zombie costumes.
No dress code because many customers may not appreciate it but, rather, think of a small gift for those who decide to show up in a nice costume : a shot offered for adults, sweets for the little ones - watch out for pranks! - or a symbolic discount.

halloween decorations
With a little cunning, this holiday can be enjoyed from morning until late at night . Starting with breakfast, sweet and savory dishes decorated on a theme can be prepared with Combi Wave and Squeezita .
Are you looking for other original ideas? You can find them here .
Customers will not easily forget your place.
October 27, 2022