Whether it's for a break from the hunt for gifts or for a toast to good wishes, at this time of year the clubs are busier than usual. And everyone will expect an extra cuddle.
Why not please your customers with some simple but loyal ideas? We are not only talking about Christmas decorations for bars , but also about special deliveries, themed events and much more.

At the bar like at home

A style that lends itself very well to the Christmas period is the hygge one, which comes from the Danish concept of well-being and warmth. It will be essential to create the right atmosphere: place candles on the counter and tables, and blankets with Christmas patterns on armchairs and sofas. Then frame the counter with rows of lights and colored balls and create special garlands with cork stoppers in line with recovery and recycling trends.
Don't just stop inside, think outside the venue as well. You could create an original showcase that represents you, letting yourself be inspired by the most beautiful ones you will see around or online. It will entice new customers to come in and take a souvenir photo.

Christmas home delivery

If you make home deliveries , surprise your customers by having their order delivered by a delivery boy dressed as Santa Claus . Think that's a bit too much for your employees? You could then think of decorating the means of transport or including a small gift or greeting card in the take away , naturally personalized with the name of your establishment.
It can also be an excellent idea for gifts: offering a gift delivery service, whether they are baskets, wines, sweets or other, directly to the recipient of the gift , will help the customer as well as an incentive to buy right in your restaurant.
Christmas decorations for bars

Peaches, raffles and lotteries

Trying your luck is always a pleasure, and Christmas is often synonymous with game shows. If the classic bingo can now appear outdated and boring, just make small changes and customizations to make it still today one of the moments of greatest aggregation. Other more complex systems can be peaches or lotteries . Depending on the size of the prizes up for grabs, you may have to follow a bureaucratic process, so be careful. To be on the safe side, you could organize a moment in which to offer a Christmas aperitif and involve customers in a Secret Santa -style gift exchange: everyone places a gift under the tree which will be assigned with a drawing.

Special product

Come up with some particular product to sell only at this time of year. Panettone-inspired brioches, a special lentil soup for lunch, a pomegranate sangria for an aperitif. ..the possibilities are endless! You could also design an eye-catching offering of Pausa take-out chocolates for customers to carry around during the gift-giving rush. Combine them with delicious sweet non-fried churros or fun bubble waffle to complete the offer: you will become the most popular pit stop.
Christmas decorations for bars

Gift cards

For an appreciated and original gift idea, prepare a card with 10 breakfasts or a monthly subscription for coffee . Make sure you make a cute, personalized, and customizable item. It could also become a small gift to retain passing customers and pamper the most loyal ones.
Have you seen how many things you can add to Christmas decorations for bars to give a unique experience during the holidays? They are all good practices that breweries, pastry shops and even ice cream parlors can also adopt. We advise the latter not to let the seasonal constraint affect their earnings, excellent deals can be made even in winter .
December 01, 2022