#santogelato is born, the new appointment on the Techfood Facebook page in collaboration with the Rossi Cremeria of Milan. A real column to show the life of those behind the counter, tell the strangest situations that can happen and to give the most original solution to everyday problems. How to react in the face of a customer's indecision in choosing? Santo Palumbo, Techfood agent and protagonist of the #santogelato episodes, will explain it to us.

Santo Palumbo is the owner of the Cremeria Rossi in Milan, a place that has always relied on the Techfood experience to expand its business by offering crêpes, waffles and wafers. Palumbo's story is full of twists and turns, from the Zelig stage to the Rossi Cremeria laboratory.

Artist, footballer and salesman. Can you tell us the story of Santo Palumbo?
I spent my youth making life as a footballer, I played in Serie C so I traveled a lot around Italy. Then in 2003 I had a serious accident and to deal with it I found the desire to joke. So I created a comedy duo together with my friend Roberto, the "Vai evenire". We have done many tours and not only in Italy, we have also been abroad where they have also given us some awards for our Calabrian comedy. I met Techfood as a customer, before becoming the company's agent I had my own business in Milan. Then I realized that I could give something more to Techfood and the collaboration that still continues today began. At the same time my career as a comedian hasn't stopped either, in August I start a new tour with twenty Italian dates.

Do you think your career as a stand-up comedian helps with sales?
Yes, absolutely, it is essential. It allows you to immediately empathize with the customer and break down the wall of mistrust with a smile. And then, if you put on a good boy's face like mine, everything is easier (laughs, ed ).

Cremeria Rossi took part in the Gelato Festival. The “Standing Ovation” flavor was awarded as one of the best of the edition. What made it so special?
The basis of "Standing Ovation" is a flavor already awarded as the best pistachio in Italy. We creamed the Bronte DOP pistachio with the scent of bergamot, orange and mandarin. Flavors that come directly from my land, Calabria.

There's a lot of Calabria in what you do, from cabaret to ice cream.
Yes, there is a lot of Calabrian spirit even if coming to live in Milan I immediately took on the Milanese accent (laughs, ed ).

“Standing Ovation” and Cremeria Rossi, it seems you are a fan of Vasco. Or not?
All the flavors of the ice cream parlor are titles of songs by Vasco Rossi, I wanted to give a logical thread to the offer. For example, Sally is a woman in her 35s, a pure woman hiding inside a shell. We associated it with almonds and since Vasco talks about strawberries in the song, we added them to the ice cream to create a unique flavour. It's a logical thread that customers like too.

In a few days the adventure of #santogelato will begin. A comment on the project .
It will be behind the scenes of counter life, the most on stage backstage of all because we will focus on transparency. This project is an opening to the public of Techfood, a way to open the doors of the back scene and really show how life is lived behind a counter.

The appointment is therefore for next week, in which we will launch the #santogelato section. Every Tuesday on the Techfood Facebook page.

July 06, 2016