In 2015 the ice n roll was awarded for innovation in the smart label category at the Host Fair in Milan. A new concept of making homemade ice cream, making the creative process original. To find out how a new ice n roll creation is born, we interviewed Simone Agosta, chef and Techfood Academy Manager.

What are the main steps to obtain a product with ice n roll?

The powder is mixed with milk or water depending on the ice cream we want to obtain. If creamy we will prefer milk, water is instead used to make sorbets. The central nucleus is flavored to taste, for example with saffron or pesto. This is how a flavored liquid ice cream is created. The next step is to pour the base onto a plate where it is instantaneously whipped. Once evenly spread, the ice cream is rolled with a spatula, giving it the particular curled shape that distinguishes it.

What is the path to inventing new flavours?

Classic ice cream parlors usually evaluate flavors according to their sales possibilities, so more particular ice creams are produced less due to their reduced possibility of distribution. Ice n roll instead allows you to have no limits in the creation of new flavors because the doses of the product are more modest, the necessary quantity is produced at the time of sale. This method allows you to give space to creativity without any risk of waste. The detachment from the classic channels and the innovative production technique of ice n roll offer the possibility to vary tastes without any constraints.

One of the more creative flavors of ice n roll?

In my opinion it's not so much the taste that's creative, but it's the process by which you get the ice cream with ice n roll. In many ice cream parlors there are already original ice creams, such as those with Lambrusco or pumpkin. The creativity of ice n roll is not so much linked to a particular taste as to the production system of the product and the unlimited variety it can offer.

One of the most original ways to serve ice cream with ice n roll?

Being an instant production, the classic culinary combinations are completely transformed with ice n roll. One of the most original ways to serve ice cream with ice n roll is precisely the overturning of the typical combinations, making them unique and innovative. Consistency and temperature are the strengths to satisfy customer tastes by changing the classic rules. The traditional ham and melon, for example, could be served for a fresh aperitif with melon ice n roll ice cream and slices of ham wrapped around crunchy breadsticks.

What makes ice n roll special?

Ice n roll is a Techfood product. The company has always followed two lines, both with the aim of innovating in the catering and food sectors. On the one hand, the conception of new and particular products, such as the choko kebab ; on the other, a new interpretation of the food production process with an already established market. Ice n roll is a new way of making homemade ice cream: the quantities are reduced, the flavors are original and the processing takes place instantly in front of the customer. It is an innovative production process, a new conception of artisan ice cream.

For more information on ice n roll, visit the product page . We remind you that Techfood will be present at Sigep in Rimini, one of the most important world events for artisan gelato, artisan confectionery and coffee. We look forward to seeing you at Rimini Fiera, where you can get to know and try ice n roll.