The search for the perfect dispenser for bars is growing more and more, so much so that it has become a real trend topic in online communities and Facebook groups of bartenders and bartenders. There are many aspects to consider if you want to find the best dispenser, and today we present the product that meets all needs: Squeezita , the dispenser for bars created by the Italian Food Factory in collaboration with Techfood.

Exquisite breakfast, even in the gain

In a July article we addressed the topic of breakfast in the time of the coronvirus . The pandemic has in fact changed the consumption of the first meal away from home, which fortunately is returning to normal . But why wait for the market to settle down to rebalance the breakfast takings?
Good question. The answer obviously varies according to the local possibilities, but in general, waiting is not an advantageous solution for those who have a business. Start over from breakfast to make it different from other places, with a low investment and high profit margins . A formula that takes shape with Squeezita, the dispenser for bars created by the Italian Food Factory in collaboration with Techfood. Ideal for bars and street food stations, Squeezita is available in 7 flavors and capable of dispensing chocolate, creams, jams and honey to fill croissants, sweets and even coffee.
Imagine being a customer, perhaps the classic sweet tooth who shows up at 11:30 looking for a chocolate croissant. The filling on the spot allows you to always guarantee the maximum sweet offer at any time of the morning . Not a small aspect, which could increase the popularity of your bar in the city.
dispensers for bars

How is a perfect bar dispenser made?

“A more suitable name than Squeezita could not have been chosen : the creams are delicious and of excellent quality! The dispenser allows for extremely versatile use: don't limit yourself to filling croissants and donuts, use it to decorate bowls of fruit and ice cream or to enrich coffee and cappuccinos.
My customers and I also really appreciate the shape and packaging: simple and immediate, it makes a good impression on the counter and attracts attention.”
We asked Pedro Matos Maceli , or the Pissed Barista, to test the wow effect of Squeezita. And it seems that the idea has found a lot of success in a short time. This is because the Italian Food Factory dispenser for bars satisfies many important factors for those who run a bar:

  1. Practicality.
    The filling of the croissants must be an extra value, not a chore. The pump system and plastic spout allow the dispensing of high viscosity creams, jams in pieces up to 7 mm and honey. And with an eye to practicality, the components are easily disassembled and washed.
  2. Quality.
    Fundamental for the recognition of a bar. The 7 Squeezita spreadable creams are made in Italy with selected raw materials and are gluten free. You can choose between custard, dark chocolate, white chocolate and hazelnut, pistachio, honey, apricot and berries.
  3. I earn.
    With the personalized filling you arouse greater interest in the public, allowing you to upsell and satisfy the most demanding customers. For example, you can offer a double filling for a croissant or a delicious topping on a cappuccino. Furthermore, on-demand preparation allows you to reduce waste and leftovers from breakfast, an important aspect in an economically delicate moment such as the recovery after the lockdown.

And if the sweet revolution of Squeezita has convinced you, contact us to receive product details and information .
July 31, 2020