Smart kitchens are one of the most exciting developments in the restaurant industry. Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), household appliances are now able to communicate with each other, optimizing cooking processes and reducing waste. For example, kitchen display systems (KDS) improve speed of service by optimizing workflows and food quality ( Oracle )

Techfood equipment: excellence in intelligent cooking

Techfood offers cutting-edge solutions that meet the modern needs of the catering sector. An excellent example is Ginny4.0 and Ginny4.0 Caps , a 4.0 barley, ginseng and instant drinks machine that is simple to use and can be controlled via app via your smartphone.

Ginny4.0: innovation and simplicity

Ginny4.0 represents a revolution in the classic hot drink dispensing system. Thanks to the connection with the smartphone, it is possible to precisely manage the quantity of product dispensed, reducing waste and allowing recipes to be personalised. Additionally, the system sends immediate notifications for service, making maintenance more efficient.

Features of Ginny4.0:

  • RFID and Chip Card Technology: For precise and safe control of operations.
  • Management via app: Allows you to control the delivery parameters, receive alerts in case of malfunctions and prevent breakages.
  • Integrated software: Includes order management, reports and sales analysis.
  • Compatibility with the 20% tax credit: Recognized as a capital asset, Ginny4.0 benefits from the tax credit and can be combined with the South Bonus where applicable.


Personalization of the customer experience

Another area where technology is having a big impact is personalizing the customer experience. Modern restaurant management platforms allow restaurateurs to collect valuable customer data, such as food preferences, allergies, and ordering habits. Advanced management software can create detailed customer profiles, facilitating personalized offers and targeted promotions ( EHL Insights ) ( UpMenu ).

Operational efficiency and waste reduction

Technology not only improves customer experience, but also operational efficiency. The use of automated inventory management systems can significantly reduce food waste and optimize ordering ( NRA ). IoT-based inventory tracking systems offer a complete solution for raw material management. These systems constantly monitor inventory levels and predict future needs, helping to avoid both surpluses and shortages ( Foodiv ).


Technology is transforming the restaurant industry in unprecedented ways. From smart kitchens that optimize cooking processes, to personalizing the customer experience through advanced software, the opportunities to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction are endless. Techfood's equipment and solutions, such as Ginny4.0 and Ginny4.0 Caps, are perfect examples of how technological innovation can be applied in the world of catering to achieve extraordinary results.

If you are a restaurant professional, it is essential to stay up to date on the latest technology trends to keep your restaurant competitive and cutting edge. Don't miss the opportunity to explore these innovations and integrate Techfood solutions to take your restaurant to the next level.

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June 27, 2024