Here at Techfood we have always aimed to offer innovative and quality solutions to meet the changing needs of the gastronomic sector. In this dynamic context, the collaboration with Barilla for Professionals has proven to be a fundamental pillar for the innovation and growth of foodservice operators.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Marco Gandolfi, foodservice sales manager of Barilla for Professionals, to find out more about the partnership with Techfood and the future prospects of this exciting collaboration

1. The history of collaboration

"The collaboration between Techfood and Barilla for Professionals is historic and dates back to the early 2000s; over the last few years it has involved various products and technologies, in which the synergy of the relevant sector skills brought Horeca professional users the advantages of service and business growth. The categories on which the partnership was born were Pasta and Condiments, historic Barilla for Professionals products dedicated to fast food and chain restaurants Barilla's products and categories, the most recent of which is that of Soft Breads and in particular the new range of Burger Breads."



2. The future of collaboration

"The shared objectives of providing quality and value-added products and services to Horeca customers leads to frequent mutual stimuli for collaboration, such as the provision of perfect solutions for creating different Space Buns with the recently launched ad hoc equipment by Techfood, through the toasting of Mulino Bianco crustless breads, but above all of the new Harrys Foodservice Burger Breads, which are also new on the fast food restaurant market in 2024. A common vision of the future of food service and the speed of execution of strategies are the winning keys to this synergy which will continue on solid historical foundations."

3. The target market

"The target of the Space Bun project is quite similar to that of the new Harrys Foodservice burger buns, namely those fast food outlets that are open to innovation and want their customers to try different and curious solutions, as well as quality ones and taste. And in this key, the pre - cut bread ingredient that is toasted and sealed perfectly with Techfood's innovative equipment creates the basis for many gastronomic solutions, both sweet and savory, all to offer to its customers and win on the market. !"



4. The future of Barilla

"The journey into the world of bread for Horeca is just beginning although we already have a leadership share and widespread distribution, thanks both to cutting - edge production technologies and to the quality recognized by our customers, but above all to the ability to respond to their specific needs with the ad hoc marketing mix of our Foodservice products. And a story of success and growth in this sector can only continue, moving forward with courage, as the motto of Mr. Pietro Barilla has left as a legacy. to the multinational company that is now the world leader in good food."

This interview revealed not only the strength of the partnership between Barilla for Professionals and Techfood, but also the shared determination of both companies to shape the future of foodservice with creative, high-quality and success-oriented solutions.

May 23, 2024