Summer is now at its peak and it is now possible to take stock of the impact that the Corona Virus emergency has had on the horeca and tourism sectors.
We have already talked extensively about how, between take-away and dark kitchens , the restaurant industry has tried to stay afloat.
But in some localities the different influx of tourism to Italy in 2020 is also being felt: for the end of the year Il Sole 24ore estimates an overall loss forecast of 60% with a drop of 260 million overnight stays and the loss of 500,000 Work. The good news is that there appears to be a recovery in domestic tourism , but foreign demand will remain very low.
Having a restaurant business in a tourist resort at the moment therefore means facing the crisis of two sectors and having to rethink with new strategies.

It will certainly be necessary to focus on a young segment of the population: the millennial target is used to adapting to new situations and is therefore willing to make compromises when travelling, and will be one of the protagonists of tourism in Italy in 2020.
Italians between the ages of 18 and 34 can therefore drive the recovery. In fact, during the surveys they declared a growing confidence in going to restaurants (51% compared to 45% of the national average).

And if out-of-home consumption is slowly catching up, there is no shortage of new catering methods born from the experience of the lockdown: the Deliveroo service, for example, will be active until the end of the summer in over 30 seaside and holiday resorts scattered across the whole national territory.
“We want to support the restaurant sector , even in those places where this economic sector is closely linked to the tourist economy” says Matteo Sarzana, General Manager Deliveroo Italy.
tourism in italy 2020

Testimonials from the counter

We have so far talked about what the statistics tell us about tourism in Italy in 2020.
But we thought we'd ask for an opinion from those who roll up the shutters of their establishment every day, and so we phoned the Bar Porta Napoli in Castel di Sangro.
We are in the province of L'Aquila, in the heart of Abruzzo: it is a tourist center active all year round, an ideal destination for lovers of history and art but also of wellness, sport and nature.

How's the summer going?

The month of August is going well, we are working as usual.
In June and July, on the other hand, we recorded a decrease of approximately 30% , certainly due to the fact that many foreigners gave up tourism in Italy in 2020.

What time of day do you work the most?

We are a pastry bar and in general we work a lot with breakfast throughout the year.
In this period, however, we are also very active from 18:00 onwards, between aperitifs and after-dinner desserts.

Which Techfood machine do you use?

We have the Rondò Unika plate ,
Compared to waffles, donuts and other preparations that can be made, crêpes are definitely the most popular, even combined with ice cream.

Is it helping you in this moment of recovery?

Absolutely, it is very useful for us both to enrich the breakfast menu with on-demand preparations and for summer after dinner.
Furthermore, it is now more fundamental than ever to contain food costs and personnel costs , and with a machine that is so easy to use and clean there is nothing to gain.

Pastry shops and ice cream parlors must know how to enrich the offer with tasty and versatile products, such as those that can be prepared with the 6 interchangeable plates of Rondò Unika.
If, in addition to the choice of desserts, you also want to improve the menu of savory dishes, the Combi line is right for you.
An over-the-counter oven will be able to help you face every moment of the day with lots of different and delicious dishes, perhaps to be delivered under an umbrella!
August 23, 2020