What will catering be like in 2021? With a year of uncertainties behind us, it is difficult to make certain predictions about the future, but we certainly expect an adjustment in consumption based on the new trends of the post-Covid era. Let's see what they are.

Catering trends 2021


Delivery and take away have increased the services once linked exclusively to the fast food format. After realizing how important speed and ease of delivery are, this year we expect a fast restaurant that is also attentive to the quality of raw materials.

  1. ON THE GO

Outside the club like at home. The exemption from TOSAP and COSAP is to be exploited to intercept passing customers. Therefore, the use of stations with pick up points is underway to regain possession of the urban fabric.


We pay more attention to safety, let alone when it comes to consuming in a club. Conveying and guaranteeing safety is becoming increasingly important and visible preparations, in this sense, make it possible to reassure the customer and give a sense of order and cleanliness.

5 tips for comeback bars

  1. Rethink the spaces and the offer, aiming for new types of consumption such as to-go. Why not think of a mobile ready-to-eat point of sale ?
  2. Restructure the menu to include up selling and cross selling. Do you sell fruit and vegetables? Offer smoothies and accompanying desserts.
  3. If you can't fill the whole place as before, study a strategy to sell during the week in several time slots. Restaurants, for example, could reevaluate breakfast.
  4. Enhance your marketing campaigns to acquire new customers. How social is your place?
  5. Focus on the customer by making the experience rewarding, providing incentives and maintaining a close relationship that can withstand even a potential period of closure.

2021 starts with the desire to redeem yourself from 2020. We are ready, are you?
December 22, 2020