A marketing strategy for bars and clubs must be able to differentiate the proposal not only seasonally, but also on the basis of recurrences. Creating an offer dedicated to a particular celebration is useful for not boring customers, who on the contrary feel listened to and pampered. For this reason , Mother's Day becomes the right occasion to study a particular marketing strategy for bars and clubs. Let's see what ideas can be implemented.

Give your place a festive look

Mother's Day is an opportunity to redo the look of your establishment . You don't need renovations or call the painter, you just need to decorate the room with delicate decorative elements. Think, for example, of flowers such as roses and gerberas, which, even if cut, can resist for a long time without fading.
If you prefer something more practical and long-lasting than flowers, you could opt for colored balloons. A perfect decorative element to cheer up the place without excessive expense. We advise you to choose balloons in soft shades of pink, purple, green or white, they will bring joy and delicacy.

Create a special moment

Between work and children, mothers are always very busy. For this reason, organizing a moment just for them could prove to be an excellent strategy for bars and clubs. Study an offer that can entice mothers, especially thinking about the habits of your customers. If you are an aperitif venue, offer drinks in promotion such as the Hugo Rosé , the famous Pink Lady or a tasty non-alcoholic drink with elderberry, blueberries and rosemary .
Does your bar focus more on breakfast and coffee? Here too you could study a special offer dedicated to mothers. The breakfast of champions: cappuccino and croissant at a special price to take a break before starting the day.
On the other hand, ice cream parlors and pastry shops could study a special offer for mothers who will go to get ice cream with their boys and girls. The idea we propose takes its inspiration from L'Angolo Buono , a Techfood customer who experimented with creativity with Ice n Roll proposing a fruity blueberry and raspberry ice cream . An inviting sweetness for adults and children, to be prepared instantly without waste or leftovers.

Give a small gift

For Mother's Day you must know how to excite, or even better surprise your customers . So think of a small gift to give to all the mothers who will enter your bar. It doesn't need to be something exaggerated, a flower or a chocolate will suffice. A thought to make even the coffee break unexpectedly special.

Mother's Day is a very heartfelt anniversary, so you shouldn't miss the opportunity to study a marketing strategy for bars and clubs that will help you sell more on this day. Let us know which idea you have chosen for your place, and best wishes to all mothers!

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April 15, 2024