Running a successful bar also means sacrificing your holidays to keep it open on holidays. In fact, many places choose not to close during the holidays, while others opt to take some well-deserved days off. Which side will you be on August 15: behind or in front of the counter? If your restaurant will remain open on August 15th, it will be useful for you not to forget the 3 most important things to create the perfect mood and encourage sales. Let's find out which ones together.

1. Prepare your venue for the party

Mid-August is a day of fun and conviviality , anyone who wants to manage a successful bar must transform these values ​​into something concrete in your establishment. For example, organize a party with live music throughout the day, a DJ set at sunset or an evening of dancing in the evening. There are many options, but it is important that they best represent the goliardic spirit of the place.

To make customers even more involved, give away gadgets such as fluorescent bracelets, necklaces or flower crowns, colored sunglasses, water pistols and even flamingo or pineapple-shaped inflatables. You might think of offering them for free based on the more or less considerable purchase , to curb costs.

Also decorate the outdoor area with lights, festoons and themed objects to confirm to the passing public that fun is guaranteed in your establishment. Remember that the expanse, especially if used during the day, must be shaded and breezy to ensure a positive experience. On this subject you can consult our check-up for the summer to do at your establishment .

2. Offer fresh and tasty appetizers

Given the high temperatures expected for mid-August, it is good to opt for a light and fresh menu, without sacrificing taste. For the aperitif we recommend the original finger food courses, which will amaze the customers. Leave the Capri kebabs and cold rice for another day, for mid-August it's right to be daring.

Shrimp and pineapple boats

The taste of the prawns goes perfectly with the fruit. All you need to do is prepare a tartare seasoned with a drizzle of oil and peppercorns and to complete, place it in the envy leaves, like little boats. For cooking in record time we recommend Combi Wave , which cooks the prawns in 1 minute and 40 seconds.


  • 1 head of endive;
  • 250 g boiled and peeled prawns;
  • 1 natural pineapple.

Watermelon and goat cheese cubes

In mid-August, a dish with watermelon cannot be missing, even in a finger food version. The combination might seem risky, but the result is surprising. To prepare the cubes, cut the cold watermelon into pieces and make a small hole in each of them. Stuff the watermelon with the goat cheese and chives.


  • 200g watermelon;
  • 160 g goat cheese;
  • chives.

Rosettes of raw and avocado

Who said that raw ham only goes well with melon? Try to propose an exclusive alternative with avocado on August 15th. You will only have to cut it into thin slices and fan them to form a rose. Then place them on top of the curled raw ham.


  • 2 avocados;
  • 12 slices raw ham.

To give even more originality to the recipe, accompany the preparation with a very fresh Carrot Ice N Roll for a delicate flavor or melon for a tropical taste.

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Is the peak offer lunch? We have thought of this too, with a complete menu for mid-August lunch .

3. Adapt cocktails to summer flavours

Most of the summer income is due to the high consumption of drinks. The heat increases the desire to sip a good drink, well balanced and low in alcohol. To manage a successful bar it is important to update the drink offer, perhaps making it special for August 15th.

There are many ideas for summer cocktails: from the classic Caribbean Daiquiri to the reinterpretation of the Spanish white sangria - perfect for a light aperitif. Think of 5 special cocktails to be offered only on August 15th at a special price or taste, differentiate the day to make it even more unique. And if you want to amaze even more on August 15th? All you have to do is follow our recipes for a particular aperitif made with Ice N Roll .

Managing a successful bar means adapting the proposals to the needs of the customers. In summer, the demand for fresh food&beverage is high, which is why Ice N Roll is perfect for bringing something new, creating exclusive dishes and offering a pleasant moment of freshness. Discover Ice N Roll, also on loan for use

August 02, 2018