Does the perfect sandwich exist? To find out, it's time to stop by the Techfood stand at the 45th edition of Sigep, from 20 to 24 January, Rimini Exhibition Centre. The Reggio Emilia company has in fact decided to throw down the gauntlet to six competitors, coming from all over Italy, for the first Space Bun Fight.

Obviously, it doesn't end here: together with Pausa and Squeezita , thanks to the exclusive collaboration between Techfood and Italian Food Factory, there will be no shortage of mouth-watering news, nor exceptional speeches and cooking shows together with the Angry Barista, a well-known face of Techfood, and Emanuele Giona Spennato ( Twist - The Rolling Ice cream ).

Space Bun Fight, let's start the dance

January 22nd, 12pm, stand 01-36 pavilion B1: the moment of truth has come. What better combination of flavors and colors can create the perfect sandwich?

The six competitors of the Space Bun Fight will find themselves in front of three jurors to convince, none other than Federico Masella (Marketing & National Key Account Manager of Menù Srl), Giovanni Basile (CEO of Nuts Italia Srl) and Marco Vinci (Manager/Head of Nestlé Professional Lab, Expertise & Innovation Center).

The competition is already sky high, every professional will get behind the stove armed with creativity and experience to conquer the role of 2024 Social Ambassador of Space Bun , the 'roller coaster' sandwich that is conquering everyone.

Life is Squeezita, shall we take a break?

The icing on the cake, or rather the cherries, will be the Pausa brand cold creams and the four new arrivals among the Squeezita variants, which in the blink of an eye go from the delicious crunchy to the most genuine fruit. Last but not least, the Squeezita Gelatin Fixing Spray, fresh from the award in the Food category at the Barawards 2023 by Bargiornale.

In a vortex of fresh delight, which once again confirms the creativity of the Pausa brand, the classic flavor of coffee joins that of ginseng and salted caramel . All this without gluten, without GMOs and without hydrogenated fats.

With your eyes closed, however, can you imagine the sensation of savoring a chocolate cream with some crunchy touches? In a few days the wish will come true thanks to the two variants of Squeezita creams ( Choco Nuts Crunchy and Choco Biscuit Crunchy ), accompanied by the new white chocolate cream and the orange one, a 100% Italian-made jam.

All appointments in a spectacular kitchen

Don't worry, the list of surprises that Techfood has in store for Sigep continues.
The most eclectic bartender on social media comes into play to present all the news and 'workhorses'. In fact, Pedro Matos Maceli, aka The Angry Barista , will delight guests with three speeches every day.

The first, from 11.30 to 12, features the Combi Wave oven in a winning combination between the search for perfect flavor and cooking techniques designed specifically for activities without an equipped kitchen. From 12.30 to 13.30 it is time for the Steamì steam launch and, of course, our beloved Space Bun. An exploration of the Pausa and Squeezita brand delights closes at 2.30pm.

Special guest will be Emanuele Gioia Spennato , directly from Twist - The Rolling Ice cream, for a series of cooking shows that will reveal the best combinations between Ice N Roll and Squeezita creams.

Appointment in Rimini

All that remains is to wait until January 20th to be able to reel off all these surprises one by one. Techfood will welcome you at stand 01-36 in pavilion B1 , ready to accompany you on a journey of innovation and taste!

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January 22, 2024