For this edition of Host, Techfood has decided to land its latest innovation on planet Earth: the Space Bun sandwich. Fast, versatile and original: these are just some of its characteristics, starting from the shape that resembles a roller coaster, ready to capture attention and stand out from the classic offer of sandwiches.
Obviously there will be no shortage of sweet innovations in collaboration with Italian Food Factory. The search for taste, never satisfied, has led to new flavors of Squeezita creams and Dolce Gusto® capsules. The cold season is approaching, it's time to satisfy the most refined palates.

A sandwich from another world

The advantage of Space Bun lies also and above all in its ability to eliminate food (and time) waste as much as possible . The filling can be chosen at the moment, leaving the customer the opportunity to indulge themselves with the kitchen's offerings.

Then, thanks to the Techfood cooking system, the bread is literally sealed on the edge: excess waste is no longer a problem, everything is prepared thanks to the special pastry cutter. Not to mention that a Space Bun can be cooked and ready to serve in less than a minute.

A true treasure chest of goodness, whether sweet or savory, to be enjoyed at any time of the day. And the Techfood cooking systems also help, suitable for a long list of places without equipped kitchens: from bars to bistros, from ice cream parlors to pubs. The equipment is equipped with an acoustic timer, which never hurts during peak times, and the Longlife® Teflon cooking plates guarantee total absence of fumes and odors.

Squeezita's crunchy offerings

Those who love to bite life can never find enough crunchy on their way. For this reason Techfood, in collaboration with Italian Foody Factory, has studied a 'crispy' line of creamy Squeezita varieties. It is unlikely that the combination of cocoa and hazelnuts fails to make everyone agree, the grains of the new Choco Nuts Crunchy flavor are here especially for this. For those who prefer the fragrance of biscuits, always combined with chocolate that cannot be missing, here is Choco Biscuit Crunchy.

Squeezita's latest delicacies don't end there, however. White chocolate purists will in fact be able to find maximum satisfaction in biting into a brioche filled with this new variety. Last but not least, the orange : a 100% Italian jam , a citrus vortex of goodness. Squeezita creams, we remind you, are GMO-free, gluten-free and palm oil-free.

Dolce Gusto® meets the East

From color to scent, the new red ginseng in Dolce Gusto® capsules will transport you to its origins, beyond borders to the East. This drink, born as a natural remedy, has a tonic and energizing effect and helps strengthen the immune system. Speaking of remedies against the dangers of winter, what about the renowned honey and lemon pair, always combined with ginseng? Here the second new Dolce Gusto® proposal is born, an antioxidant and purifying recipe, to be enjoyed at any time.

The entire range of Dolce Gusto® capsules (no GMO, gluten free, lactose free and hydrogenated fat free) will be present and ready to taste at the Techfood / Italian Food Factory stand at Host 2023. Their 'godmother' par excellence is therefore inevitable, that is, the Ginny4.0 Caps capsule machine , which with its multi-beverage system can offer countless preparations with a single dispenser. More efficient than that…

Appointment in Milan

The new edition of Host is upon us and Techfood is ready to welcome its new customers to pavilion 18P (stands B90 and C89). Special guest will be Pedro , better known on social networks and beyond as the 'Anxed Barista' , who will present every day from 13 to 16 October both the latest arrivals and those which are now the company's workhorses, not least the Combi Wave oven.

To give guests of the stand the opportunity to experiment with Space Bun recipes, they will be provided with a 'Welcome Kit' in collaboration with the Menù company, including some ingredients to try their hand at space cooking. Menus will also be provided with some preparations to offer to end customers, an external stand and - to be purchased separately if necessary - a Space Bun brand refrigerated saladette.

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October 09, 2023