Gluten-free ice cream parlor to offer anyone a moment of taste. Natascia Gasperini works in the family restaurant, an ice cream parlor founded by her grandfather when he was 78 years old. The desire to open an original restaurant prompted Natascia's grandfather to study a different formula than usual for products and offers. Discover the peculiarities of the Gelateria delle Nazioni in Cesenatico.

What is the key formula of Gelateria delle Nazioni?

Ours is a self-service gluten-free ice cream shop, which offers granitas and soft ice cream to be garnished with sprinkles, sweets and fruit. All the products used are totally gluten free, so they can also be consumed by celiacs. Starting this year we have expanded the offer by creating a separate corner with Choco Burger.

How did you decide to open a gluten-free ice cream shop?

It was my grandfather's idea. We wanted to focus on the specialty of gluten-free ice cream and on the quality of the products. Many of our raw materials are in fact certified organic. The decision to offer exclusively gluten-free ice cream and granita derives from safety for those with celiac disease. Being a self-service establishment, it was essential that all products were gluten-free to avoid any risk of contamination and ensure a positive experience for all our customers.

Is gluten-free ice cream loved by everyone?

Exactly, there are no distinctions between celiacs and non-celiacs, our clientele is very varied. Although it is still believed otherwise, gluten-free products are as tasty as traditional ones. We have noticed that there is still a lot of misinformation on the subject, unfortunately, many do not know what celiac disease or gluten is.

Choco Burger and ice cream, have you tested this combination?

Yes, it's a tested and approved combination even if this summer's very high temperatures risked melting the ice cream. However, the favorite combination is the classic one: Choco Burger and whipped cream, that can never be missing. The most popular discs are chocolate biscuit and kiss.

What are the peculiarities that make Gelateria delle Nazioni special?

There are many, from the idea of ​​opening a gluten-free ice cream parlor to the self-service formula. And from this year also Choco Burger is a peculiar attraction of the place. Customers when they discover Choco Burger are very amazed, some even incredulous.

What does managing a restaurant mean to you?

It's not always a walk, especially during the summer season. Our restaurant is located in Cesenatico and in the Adriatic areas it is a very intense period for the influx of tourists. It is a challenge to be accepted and overcome every day.

Natascia and her family wanted to give an extra touch to their gluten-free ice cream parlor by creating a corner dedicated to the sweetness of chocolate. Discover the novelty of the year: Choco Burger , the sandwich with chocolate discs to be offered both with a fixed location and in a street food version.
September 14, 2017