Imagine a delicious sandwich that promises well from the first glance and that this sandwich has two soft waffles that are overflowing with flavor instead of the classic toast bread. Here is before your eyes the perfect waffle sandwich formula.
With the unmistakable honeycomb shape , waffles are excellent in the savory version because they better retain fillings such as sauces and spreadable cheeses, and give even more consistency to the preparation.

Sweet or savory fillings for the waffle sandwich

Why use plain sliced ​​bread when we can make a great sandwich out of two waffles? Soft inside, slightly crunchy outside, these wafers are also good on their own, but they deserve to be revisited in various sweet and savory recipes.
Some examples to explore all the taste of sandwich waffles? You can propose a filling of tomatoes, bresaola, mozzarella or ham, salad and mustard. Or again: fried egg and bacon, perhaps with a sweet and sour touch given by maple syrup. Aromatic herbs can be added to the mixture as desired, such as parsley and thyme, to give an even more genuine aspect to your dish.
If, on the other hand, you want to stay on the sweet side and reinforce the historic vocation of the waffle, try dressing them with peanut butter and raspberry preserves, or ricotta, blueberries and honey. Once you try the first one, it will be hard to stop!

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Two pods in seconds

Preparing sandwich waffles is very simple with Rondo Unik a , the machine with six interchangeable plates which is also suitable for cooking crepes, pancakes, donuts, churros and waffles. Just add water to the powdered preparation to obtain the dough and cook the waffle sandwich in no time, without fumes or odors and without the need for a chimney . The authenticity of the flavor is guaranteed by the recipe born in Belgium, from which the Techfood semi-finished product is inspired.

Ideas for brunch delivery

Traveling the world, it's easy to see that waffles have a special place on the brunch table , even in Italy. And it's an idea that goes well with take-away or delivery consumption , trends that would seem to have a long life even beyond the season of social distancing. If your customers have made it a habit to eat breakfast at home, kick-start with a brunch box with waffle sandwiches and crunchy bagels to make your mouth water.
 Waffles have conquered the world via the United States and are now very popular in Italy too, where they boast illustrious relatives such as the gofri from Piedmont and the ferratelle from Abruzzo and Molise.
Do you want to find out how to insert them in your establishment by exploiting the potential of Rondo Unika ?
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April 24, 2024