The Christmas holidays are approaching and, among snow lovers and passionate travellers, many are taking advantage of the holidays to move around. It is therefore an excellent time for hotels, farm holidays, campsites and bed & breakfasts to implement strategies that bring the customer to their businesses.
Whether it's a large chain or a small structure, marketing is essential in fact to deal with the changes that tourism and hospitality have been going through in recent years.
Marketing strategies for hotels become hybrids between online and offline, offering further opportunities to get in direct contact with your guests. The web, social media and digital tools are powerful allies for any accommodation facility, provided you know how to use them in the best possible way.
Here are some tricks to get excellent results and satisfied customers.

The online presence

The British company Travelport carries out very interesting studies on international travellers, including people of Italian nationality. Research shows that it is absolutely essential to be present online , but not only: it is also necessary to have a good reputation . In fact, 93% of respondents say they use review sites to discover new destinations and 45% worry about the reliability of the reviews they find online.
Promoting the hotel with quality photos and images is essential to make it more captivating in the eyes of potential visitors. And some interesting details can positively attract attention, such as a particularly noteworthy piece of furniture or a particular concern, such as fresh flowers in the room or a chocolate on the pillow.
Furthermore, it is always better to try to give as much information as possible about the room and show it in different photos. Be sure to communicate services such as free wi-fi, internal parking and proximity to public transport.
Finally, reserve a space on your site for reviews : users trust the content produced by other guests like them.

The reservation

Travelport research also tells us that 54% of respondents tend to research and book their travel directly via smartphone and 41% choose a hotel based on its good digital experience, while 43% of business travelers use a business tool to book business trips.
A hotel, therefore, must be able to make booking procedures simple and quick.
Booking a room in your hotel must be intuitive, fast and secure. Otherwise, even a customer who is one step away from the sale can become discouraged and change his mind.
Fun fact: an average of 15 different categories of apps are used during travel , from organizing and booking the trip to managing experiences once you arrive at your destination.

Marketing strategies for hotels

Email marketing is a very useful tool in the hospitality field. Two-thirds of consumers prefer to be contacted via email rather than through other communication channels.
You could send pre-stay emails (prior to the guests' arrival) to propose special offers and activities to do at the hotel or in the surrounding area, or send a post-stay email with a personal code to rebook at a discounted price.
It is also important to make good use of social media profiles , which are very useful for telling travelers what they can do in your area, perhaps sharing content on attractions available nearby, or upcoming events.
Always keep them updated by publishing a photo album to tell how your hotel changes season after season, from the blossoming of flowers in spring to the Christmas decorations.
hotel marketing

The welcome

In the various marketing strategies for hotels, don't forget the most important part: the guests' stay! Create an experience for them that is unique and conveys your strengths, but also personalized . With the data you will be able to obtain from your online activities it will be easy to discover customer preferences and specifically cater to their individual wishes.
Start with breakfast: create a varied and delicious menu with Rondò Unika combined with Squeezita cream and sauce dispensers. You can prepare crêpes, pancakes, waffles, churros, donuts and waffles on request, pampering customers with a dedicated and unique moment.
April 15, 2024