Weirdness is the spice of life, and an original place that knows how to stand out from the others certainly makes the gastronomic experience of its customers more captivating. Perfect for those looking for something new , themed restaurants and bars can become a unique attraction and the best way to get people talking from breakfast to dinner. So whether you want to win over a crowd with nerves of steel, an adventurous spirit or just craving an evening to remember, here's a selection of quirky restaurants.
Read them to get curious and to draw innovative ideas: it's never too late to open a new business or renew your own.


The first is a relatively widespread format: venues totally inspired by Alice's adventures , where you can have tea with the Caterpillar, amidst fairy-tale suggestions and a riot of colours. Japan is depopulated but they also begin to open in Italy; perfect for a snack hoping to meet the Mad Hatter or the Queen of Hearts.

The FabCafè was the first creative digital venue . The café not only offers a wide range of drinks and sweets, but also supplies visitors with the latest gadgets on the market such as laser cutters and 3D printers. Customers can explore all the possibilities that high-tech devices offer such as creating a personalized phone case, greeting cards, accessories and much more.

Let's go now to Tokyo, where there is one of the restaurants that most intrigues tourists: Alcatraz . The climate is horror/psychiatric hospital style, where it is possible to eat locked up in a cell being served by "friendly and sweet" nurses, among skulls and fake corpses.

You eat completely in the dark in the restaurant of the Istituto dei ciechi in Milan: it is a matter of total trust and it is said that this stimulates a greater sense of taste, touch, smell and hearing.

Backdoor 43 in Milan is the smallest bar in the world , only 4 m2. It can accommodate up to 4 people and everything is personalized on customer request, from cocktails to music.

Located in Las Vegas, Heart Attack Gril is a bet for health. When you enter, the service staff hands you a hospital gown that serves as a bib. If customers don't finish the 3 kg hamburger and over 1000 calories they are spanked with a large scoop. I wonder if they prepare it with Combi Wave ?

Showing the main attractions of the Finnish capital in an original and comfortable way? On the Spårakoff Pub Tram you take a tour of Helsinki on a historic tram converted into a pub. On board, you can sample various types of beer, cider, and sparkling wine while appreciating the sights of the city.

From Madame Claude in Berlin everything is upside down, or rather, upside down. Tables, chairs, carpets and bookcases are glued to the ceiling creating a bizarre optical effect. So curious as to become a coveted place for famous international DJs, famous artists and musicians and special events are now the order of the day.

Returning to Italy, precisely to Rome, the famous Cencio – La Parolaccia is an institution for the way in which customers are treated by the staff, who literally insult. In Bangalore's Nasa Bar all the bartenders wear space suits, and the decor is spaceship-style. In Prague there is instead a place, the Vytopna, where the dishes are served on electric trains and on rails between the tables, given the proximity of the structure to the railway.

Ninja, on the other hand, is the ideal place for those who have always wanted to be a ninja. Located in New York, in this high-end Japanese restaurant ninjas come out to take orders and move stealthily like the ones you see on television. They prepare the food – sushi and meat – over an open fire and, between courses, entertain with magic tricks and knife demonstrations.

Taking the dining experience to the next level and turning a customer's stay into a quest is the goal of many of these quirky restaurants and crazy establishments that offer their guests more than just a well-curated meal.
Even fun food can be an original and fun idea to stand out from more traditional activities: you can contact us to ask for information and find out more.

And now, off to the gastronomic adventure!

May 11, 2023