The warm season took a while to wait this year, between unexpected storms and merciless temperature changes. We see bad weather with a silver lining: you have more time to perfect your summer expanses. Dehors for bars are a custom of seasonal catering , which has a fruitful impact on turnover every year. It not only allows you to increase seating capacity, but also to prolong the stay of customers in the room with more sales opportunities for the same customer. There are two types of expanses: those during the day and those in the evening and they differ in terms of sales strategies, offers and targets. Let's go and see which outdoor bar is right for you.


The dehors are mostly limited spaces in the areas adjacent to the premises, terraces or gardens that are used for catering. Unfortunately, not all managers can create an outdoor space. The "Milleproroghe" Decree , however, has extended until 31 December 2023 the possibility of installing dehors without the authorizations provided for by the Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape.

This means that operators of catering and meal and drink administration activities, holders of concessions or authorizations concerning the use of public land, can continue to temporarily dispose of, with a simplified procedure , removable structures on streets, squares, roads and other open spaces of cultural and landscape interest. A good news!

So immediately think about the goal of your summer expanse, it will help you to organize the spaces, to furnish it with the right criterion. Ask yourself what kind of dehor it will be, daytime or evening, because different projects arise from the answer.


Ideal for those businesses that primarily earn their money from breakfast and lunch, the summer daytime expanses are perfect for enjoying a break outdoors. Whether it is morning or noon, it is important to consider that the expanses of the day are exposed to sunlight. For greater comfort , create shaded areas with umbrellas and plants , and if you have the possibility, install a ventilation or misting system. Even the choice of furniture must pay attention to the heat of summer days, so choose chairs and tables in light shades and not in metal.

Always consider your target to create a customer-friendly dehor . If your place is frequented by students or workers, you could increase the strength of the wi-fi to get the signal outside as well. Have power sockets at the service of customers, especially if the average stay is long.

If, on the other hand, you are an ice cream parlor and your audience is made up of families, design comfortable seats within reach of the little ones to be placed in the shadiest corners. Finally, don't forget your four-legged friends. On sunny days, dogs grow up walking around the city, offer them clean and fresh water.


The life of many outdoor bars changes from day to night. What during the day are squares and streets then turn into crowded summer expanses. The outdoor spaces in the evening have different characteristics from the daytime ones, the first of which is the absence of the sun. Plus point for the milder temperatures, in the evening it has the disadvantage of requiring artificial lighting.

Even in this case, however, you can make a virtue of necessity by studying a lighting system that best represents your place. Soft lights, lanterns, candles or neon, each form of lighting tells a different style and gives the right atmosphere to the expanse. Another aspect to complete the mood is music. To broadcast it outside the bar or create live music evenings, it is necessary to have SIAE and municipal permits . Also in this case we advise you to analyze the target to identify the musical genre that best suits the public and your style.

The summer expanse is a useful tool to differentiate the offer. If the place specializes in mixology, you can insert an element of extra value into the expanse. For example, create a space dedicated to special cocktails made with Ice N Roll. Dehors for bars are perfect places to insert an extra till by eliminating queues and reducing the perception of customer waiting, who will be satisfied with the timing.

Surely at this point you will have guessed that the design of an outdoor area for bars arises from the needs and habits of customers, although the expanses may have different offers and objectives. If our advice has been useful to you, you can contact us to receive information on our offer and on original proposals to enrich the proposal of your establishment.

May 11, 2023