Present at Sigep Exp Techfood highlighted two flagship products: the Combi Wave oven and the Squeezita line of fillings and dispensers

Also present at Sigep Exp is Techfood , a company that offers industry professionals a wide range of high-quality bar equipment and food machines. A completely Made in Italy production designed for bars, restaurants, ice cream parlors and all types of structures with a "fast" proposal for which an equipped kitchen is not necessary. Techfood looks carefully at the space and time needs of these activities, designing equipment capable of responding to the needs of flexibility and variety required by the type of service useful for a complete varied offer, which ranges from sweet to savory, from breakfast to after dinner. Analyzing new trends and market needs has always been the strong point of a company that for more than twenty years has combined technological research with its own distribution and training network, which assists and advises the customer from the definition of needs up to assistance after sales and employee training. At Sigep Exp the spotlight will be on one of the company's flagships, namely Combi Wave , a cooking system which has recently undergone a restyling and enhancement operation.

Combi Wave is a latest generation countertop and kitchen oven ideal for large-scale catering, fast food but also bistros, bars and restaurants. With Combi Wave it is possible to embellish the offer of the venue as it is capable of carrying out different types of preparation in a short time, with low consumption and taking up little space, a fundamental added value for venues with limited kitchens.

The basis of Combi Wave's operation is an integrated turbo-ventilation, infrared and microwave system. Thanks to the combination of these technologies, you can cook, heat, defrost, toast, grill, temper, temper, fry without oil and boil any food. Combi Wave is also available in the even more compact Smart version.

Another interesting solution proposed at Sigep Exp is the Squeezita line of fillings and dispensers created in collaboration with Italian Food Factory . Ideal for bars and street food stations, it is capable of dispensing 7 flavors (including chocolate, creams, jams and honey) to fill croissants, desserts but also to decorate fruit and ice cream cups or to enrich coffees and cappuccinos.

Thanks to Squeezita, you will be able to have fresh products filled on the spot which will certainly make the difference and impress the customer.

Even with this product Techfood proves to be the perfect ally for professionals in the Horeca world, who with these solutions will be able to satisfy customer needs by offering a quality offer.

March 31, 2021