Techfood presents the new Ginny 4.0 instant coffee machine and the special Steamì steam wand at Host

Techfood could not miss the appeal of the companies present at Host : the new instant coffee machine, Ginny 4.0 , and the special Steamì steam wand will be presented for the first time at its stands. « We are happy to be able to participate in one of the most important events in our sector at an international level – said Techfood's marketing and communications manager, Gabriele Iori -. We are also optimistic, because finally after a year of lack of contact with potential customers and collaborators we have the opportunity to meet and we will do so with two great news. Covid didn't stop us, on the contrary it allowed us to carefully study the market, doing our homework well so to speak. HostMilano 2021 will be the perfect opportunity to propose two very interesting solutions for the bar channel."

Steamì and Ginny 4.0, the revolution of steam cooking and instant coffee

Bringing speed and quality together? It is from the right intuitions that the most effective tools are born. This is the idea behind both new Techfood products: ensuring that simplicity of processing does not become a luxury, meeting the real needs of those who work in the bar sector. Let's start with Steamì, the steam wand capable of perfectly regulating the cooking of dishes, giving even small businesses the opportunity to store their products. In fact, the Steamì steam wand, which in its features resembles the same as coffee machines, is able to prepare protein and dehydrated dishes in a matter of seconds - such as soups, risottos, scrambled eggs, pasta and much more. Even the small bar will be able to organize itself even if it has a limited warehouse, and without the need for a chimney. Welcome new varieties to the menu, but above all goodbye to waste. A battle, the one against food waste, for which Techfood has been fighting for some time and from which precious partnerships were born, such as the one with Too Good To Go.

The idea that led to the Ginny 4.0 coffee machine is a solution that also gives access to the 50% tax credit. The new Techfood machine is perfect for all types of soluble products, in small and large cups. Above all, it's smart . The bar manager can in fact connect directly via the app and manage the quantity of product dispensing, or rather create personalized recipes based on the tastes of his customers. Last but not least, the application allows you to send assistance notifications quickly and easily.

Techfood, a guarantee of ingenuity and quality for 30 years
Techfood® by Sogabe Srl, based in Castelnovo di Sotto (Reggio Emilia) was born in 1992 , from the tenacity and dedication of the Iori-Castagnetti family. The vocation that still inspires Techfood's activity is to find solutions for all catering activities that do not involve the use of an equipped kitchen, a sector that therefore ranges from horeca to structures offering fast food. The company will celebrate its thirtieth year in 2022: a ten-year history which has seen the production of innovative machinery accompanied by the 'turnkey' service, for those who want to open a business from scratch, in addition to the 'Techfood Academy' for those who would like consultancy or training in the horeca sector. The Techfood family business combines Emilian pragmatism with careful analysis of market trends, managing to anticipate new needs and always studying new solutions to satisfy them.
October 15, 2021