Many tasty dishes without a chimney

Regenerate at full steam with Steamì

Steamì is the professional steamer for bars and hotels equipped with a wand for regenerating pre-cooked and dehydrated products.
With the steam wand you can regulate the cooking of dishes to perfection, in just a few seconds and at all hours of the day.

Pasta with sauce, polenta, soups, velvety soups, pokè and scrambled eggs are just some of the infinite recipes that can be made in a short time and in a small space.

Il business di Steamì in meno di 1 mq

Un piccolo spazio dalle enormi potenzialità: basta poco meno di un mq, infatti, per allestire una station dedicata ai piatti preparati con Steamì.

Una postazione completa e refrigerata per offrire 9 o, addirittura, 15 diversi gusti alla tua clientela.

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