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The perfect formula of Rondò Unika: 6 plates, 1 single machine, 0 extraction hoods.

Multiply the sales possibilities of your establishment with Rondò Unika. Serve crêpes, pancakes, waffles, churros, donuts and waffles with one machine. Food cost up to €0.39 for all preparations. Make it count, indeed multiply them.

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Rondò Unika is the professional machine with six interchangeable plates, which does not require a flue. It is equipped with the EasyClic system to replace the hot plates, allowing you to prepare a large number of preparations without stopping.

You can cook crêpes, waffles, pancakes, donuts, churros and waffles. Rondò Unika allows you to multiply the offer, proposing tasty menus that are ideal for all times of the day, from breakfast to aperitifs.

The food cost of each single preparation does not exceed €0.39, guaranteeing you an assured return.

Without chimney

Low food cost

No qualified personnel

Ideal for street food

The best quality of Rondò Unika is the ability to make several dishes in a short time. I prepare a crêpe and immediately after a waffle, satisfying every request without long waits and with just one machine. Rondò Unika is always a useful tool, we use it for the preparation of sweet and savory dishes, covering the different requests of customers according to the time slot.
— Andrea Ferrandino, TrentadueCafè
Di Rondò Unika we were struck by the speed in the preparation of cones and crêpes. To this I would add the quality of the preparations, essential for a place that pays attention to this aspect. Rondò Unika allows an ice cream parlor to broaden the offer in a short time and to prepare the waffle cones on the spot. It gives an artisanal idea to ice cream, perfectly in line with our ice cream shop.
— Leonardo Mencio, The Ice Cream Cone

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