Double your sales

with a single station dedicated to Choco Burger and Choco Kebab.

Choco is the new integrated solution for selling Choco Burgers and Choco Kebabs, halving space requirements and energy consumption. You occupy the space of a single workstation, offering two different proposals at the same time.

And with your first order, you will receive 250 Choco Kebab portions and 240 Choco Burgers for free.

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Easy to use and clean

Low power consumption

Footprint halved

Perfect for street food

How to increase the earnings of a bar with Choco?

With the Choco solution you can double the offer by offering your customers two original and attractive ideas:

Choco Burger is the chocolate burger wrapped in two waffles. It comes in 4 variants: amaretto, orange and cinnamon, biscuit, hazelnuts.

Choco Kebab the sweet kebab stuffed with Piedmont cremino curls, cream, fruit, ice cream and all kinds of toppings.

The showcase keeps the discs and cylinder of chocolate at the right temperature. You will be able to sell without any seasonal constraints.

Double your earnings with the Choco solution.
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