Get ready to save with Combi Wave

Times reduced by 20 times and energy savings by 70%

Lower bills and prep time?
With the combi wave professional oven it is possible.
The combi wave countertop system cooks 20 times faster than other ovens, guaranteeing you a 70% saving on electricity consumption.

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Cooking in record time

Up to 20 times faster than other traditional ovens. Serve up to 40 customers in one hour.

Energy saving

Minimize energy consumption, cut costs and cook even in stand-by mode.

Free installation

Possibility of demos in your venue. Free installation.

Ideal for any moment

Dishes made on demand at any time of the day.

Why choose Combi Wave?

Combi Wave saves you money despite the increase in bill prices.

It allows you to speed up the lunch and dinner shifts to ensure greater attendance in the club while respecting the maximum capacity limit of the club.

Its cooking speed guarantees a fast take-away service.

The ease of use does not require specialized personnel, allowing you to avoid crowding in the kitchen.

With Combi Wave you can cook and reheat pre-cooked products without the need for a flue. The infrared function makes fried food crispy, avoiding generating fumes or serving burnt or soft dishes.

Professional, economic and fast catering with Combi Wave.

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