Christmas is a convivial celebration, which has always brought people together to spend moments of joy together. Riding the spirit of the holidays is essential to increase the sales of a club. In this article we suggest some useful marketing strategies to increase customers and revenues during the Christmas period.

A menu with flakes (of cream)

pancakes-christmas In a previous article we have already indicated some ideas for creating a Christmas menu designed for each type of venue. From burger cappelletti to french toast , from bombardino to honey crêpes, winter tastes must be included in a restaurant's offer for the holiday season.

Not only flavors, the eye also wants its part. If your place offers walking desserts, to increase sales during Christmas, indulge yourself with the decorations and with the preparation of the dish. For example, you can create a Christmas tree with a crêpes embellished on the outside with a chocolate base for the trunk, strawberry cream for the festoons and blueberries or sprinkles to represent the trinkets. With just the right amount of cream, strawberries and berries, even pancakes can turn into a Santa Claus to serve to the youngest customers. Preparation doesn't take much time and Rondò Unika will help you speed up the preparation and cooking of the bases to be decorated.

A gift for you

Christmas can prove to be the right occasion not only to increase sales, but also to thank the most loyal customers of your establishment. For this reason, offering them a small gift can be an excellent strategy to increase engagement. From chocolates for the clientele of a bar, to the biscuit with the word "Auguri" for the public of a pastry shop. A thought to make them feel special and important.

However, the gift can also be for someone else. In fact, your place could also offer last minute solutions for those who want to think about someone. And so the bar could prepare some nice packages with coffee beans or ground coffee. For places that offer desserts, we suggest gift packs containing donuts, cupcakes and Christmas desserts. What is important is that you communicate to your customers the possibility of buying delicious gifts in your business, focusing a lot on finding a last minute gift.

The promotional spirit of Christmas

The main strategy to increase sales is that of promotions. You can create Christmas contests or real discounts for certain days of celebration by calling them "the party of the Holidays". By creating an ad hoc day you will have more chances to sell out, because curious people will come to your place attracted by the promotion and the novelty.

Social communication, the comet star

Just as the comet star guided the Magi, communication must bring the public to your establishment. For this reason, social networks become a fundamental part of increasing sales and increasing one's clientele. At Christmas, personalize the venue's page with a themed cover and avatar image, especially using the cover to give important information on promotions or extraordinary openings.

The Facebook page is a powerful tool for informing your customers of the presence of a themed menu, which you can present with short videos during the preparation of the dishes, photographs and fun boomerangs. The spirit of Christmas is jovial, this mood must shine through in communication, showing how joyful convivial moments can be spent in your establishment.

If you want to create an event to promote a special day of discounts, use the Facebook events where we advise you to give all the necessary information about the event.

To conclude, the Holidays are a period of heavy consumption by people. A moment in which being together is important and the race for gifts is increasingly frequent. Riding the Christmas spirit with simple but effective strategies can be a good way to increase sales in a short time. What are the strategies you adopt? Let us know by commenting on the blog post.

April 10, 2024