Thinking about the restaurant of tomorrow means re-evaluating many aspects that have been taken for granted until now. Where is it written that it should only be open for lunch or dinner? Here are 3 ideas for restaurants to offer during extra time or for breakfast with a mobile point of sale that can also be positioned as an outdoor area.

TOSAP and COSAP exemption: with Streety you can create a legal outdoor station

Keeping a restaurant open not only for lunch and dinner does not mean keeping the kitchen open all day, but re-evaluating the spaces inside and outside the restaurant. And in this the Streety cart can help you make to-go preparations for breakfast or a snack. With the extension of the exemption on the tax for the use of public land, you will be able to create a corner outside the premises that is practical and manageable, easy to transport anywhere.
As in the case of the fruit and vegetable creperie in Crevalcore (BO), whose managers explain that theirs “is a different business from the bar. We have created the sales stations with the Streety crêpes and sweets cart. We have customized and installed some in the shop. They are extremely functional for creating surfaces on which to place equipment. Now the place is equipped with all the technologies we needed.”

Streety with Squeezita

If lunch and dinner are typical of restaurants, why not differentiate the place by covering a moment dedicated to breakfast? Streety, a croissant display case and Squeezita will be enough to create a breakfast to go station outside the restaurant, also limiting opening and staff costs.

The dispenser for bars created by the Italian Food Factory in collaboration with Techfood is ideal for filling croissants and breakfast cakes on the spot in various flavours. With the coffee machine piping hot and Squeezita ready for action, you will be able to offer delicious take-away breakfasts.

Streety with Bubble Waffles

Bubble Waffle is the original plate for making scenographic waffles in sweet and savory versions . You can offer it both as a take-away dessert and as an original lunch on days when you know that low turnout can negatively affect cooking expenses.
It is a versatile product, easily adapts to customer tastes and can be filled both with typically winter creams and ingredients and with ice cream or fresh cheeses for the summer.

Streety with Choco

Another original solution for a mobile workstation is Choco, the combination of Choco Kebab and Choco Burger in a single point of sale . The classic Choco Kebab showcase has been adapted to also display the chocolate discs of Choco Burger, for an inimitable chocolate proposal.
Choco Kebab is a sweet kebab stuffed with curls of Piedmontese cremino, cream, fruit and all kinds of toppings. While Choco Burger is the chocolate hamburger formed by a sweet medallion wrapped in two waffles.

As Marco Spizzirri, owner of Gran Caffè Leonetti in Cosenza says , “it's a very easy machine to use, so we don't need extra staff and we can serve customers very quickly. In offering innovative sweets you run the risk of turning a service into disservice due to waiting times, but this does not happen thanks to Techfood.”
Want to know more about one of the three solutions? Contact us to find together the most suitable innovative and practical restaurant idea.
December 04, 2020