Recipes for cold dishes, what to prepare for your restaurant offering a fresh and summer menu to your customers? The main characteristic of cold dishes is the possibility of keep them longer of a hot flow, allowing you to prepare a greater number of portions a priori and avoid preparing a dish on the spot. This peculiarity, however, must not undermine the quality and appearance with which the dishes are presented to the public. With this article we recommend some recipes for cold dishes and salads that will help you vary the summer proposal with taste and quality.

Recipes for cold dishes: the first ones

First courses such as the rice and spelled salads or the cold pasta are a must for the hot summer, especially for all your customers who take a weekly lunch outside the home. To make the classic rice salads tasty and appetizing, prepare them with brown rice, add small tomatoes, rocket, sweet peppers and seared tuna cubes. We recommend cooking with tuna and with the Combi Wave for 1 minute.
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For vegetarians, on the other hand, you could propose an exquisite and fragrant fresh pasta with mint and pine nuts among the recipes for cold dishes. For the sauce, use fresh spinach, minced pine nuts, parsley and marjoram, in order to have a tasty and pleasant pesto to face lunch in the middle of summer.

Fresh and summer seconds

The recipes for cold dishes also include the dishes of the main courses, which change shape in the summer and are an excellent alternative to meat or hot fish. A special dish to be included in the menu of your restaurant is the cold roast of loin with mint sauce ;, carrots and spring onions. To be served strictly at room temperature and not cold in the fridge to be able to savor the taste of meat at its best.
Summer means sea, so never forget the menu to update the proposals for your fish-loving customers. Prepare, for example, an appetizing octopus salad with the classic potatoes and adding celery and carrots, two ingredients that will stand out even more the unmistakable taste of the octopus. A dish to serve accompanied by extra virgin olive oil and a touch of lemon.

Original salads

For several reasons, the so-called salads are consumed in large quantities in summer. A dish that does not always fully satisfy the customer's taste desires because it is always very simple. Include among the recipes for cold dishes of your local even the original salads, avoiding to propose only the classic tuna, mozzarella and gentilina. Dare by adding special, crunchy seeds such as sunflower or sesame seeds, or fruit such as apples, peaches and kiwis . Kiwis, for example, are perfect to accompany pieces of scalded salmon served on a bed of valerian and mixed salad. The preparation time is reduced to a minimum, you just need to peel and cut the kiwi into pieces and cook the salmon for a minute using the latest Techfood technology Combi Wave.
To further vary your recipes for cold dishes, add to the menu a chicken salad with rosemary with carrots, salad and thyme. Or you could prepare a fresh and juicy veg salad with peaches, avocado and basil, to which add some smoked tofu cubes to counter the fruity and delicate flavor of the other ingredients.
Preparing a menu depending on the season is essential to update their proposals and satisfy the tastes of customers depending on the time. Those that we have proposed are some recipes for cold dishes, but in our blog you will find other valuable tips on the summer menu. Find out how to prepare a lunch for summer bars and restaurants, from pasta to fruit
06 luglio 2017