A plate that gives every type of bread a flying saucer shape, sealing the edges, to create savory and sweet preparations is the company's novelty. Which also expanded the range of Squeezita creams and the line of Pausa brand capsule drinks

A new machine designed to innovate the concept of sandwich, but also the expansion of the range of Squeezita creams and the line of Pausa brand capsule drinks. The beginning of autumn by Techfood presents itself full of news for the bar world.

The first is called Space Bun and is a plate designed to give a new shape to the king of the lunch break at the bar. The shape is that of a flying saucer, designed to capture the customer's attention and stand out from the classic sandwich offering. The plate is in fact equipped, both in the upper and lower part, with two circular slots (diameter 13 cm) which allow you to create this particular shape, sealing, another innovative aspect of the system, the edges of the upper part with those of the lower part of the bread making. The result is a product that is not only attractive but also avoids the risk of spilling the filling when the sandwich is served.

Savory and sweet preparations for any time of the day

Another plus is that the system can be used with any type of bread product , allowing you to also serve hamburgers, wraps, focaccias, pizza bread, toast, tortillas, but also sweet preparations using, for example, a brioche or sponge cake as a base. Just as maximum freedom is left in the fillings, allowing you to develop a sweet and savory menu for any moment of the day , from breakfast to lunch, from aperitif to dinner time, all with very quick cooking times. In this regard, Techfood, in collaboration with Menu , a company from Medolla (Modena) that produces food specialties for professional catering, has developed a recipe book , which is delivered together with the machine, with many suggestions for sweet and savory preparations (including vegetarian and vegan), to be made in one minute. Among the savory preparations, we find for example, the sandwich with octopus and squid fillet, chickpea hummus, salad, cherry tomatoes and caramelized onion, while among the sweet ones, a brioche bread filled with custard, black cherry and fresh fruit.

A solution for all rooms

Made of stainless steel (Aisi 304) the Space Bun plate is compact in size , which allows it to be easily positioned in any room, it does not require an extraction hood , as the cooking plates are made of non-stick, self-cleaning and smoke-proof longlife Teflon , and therefore do not release fumes or odors, and is equipped with an acoustic and visual timer . It is supplied with some accessories, such as food tongs and pastry cutters , for correct dosing of the fillings, and communication materials, such as table menus and the external easel .

Furthermore, for greater convenience for operators, Techfood has also developed a compact refrigerated station, which can be positioned inside or outside the room, available in two models (9 and 15 containers for ingredients) with a lateral shelf to house the machine.

The new Squeezita crunchy creams

Another novelty is the expansion of the range of high quality Squeezita fillings, created in collaboration with Italian Foody Factory , to be dispensed with the compact countertop dispenser of the same name developed by Techfood. Designed for filling croissants, desserts or enriching coffee and ice cream , the references in the range are all of Italian production and made with selected ingredients, with important percentages of raw materials, and completely free of gluten, GMO ingredients and Palm tree.

Four new proposals, in a 2 kg jar: orange jam, with 35% 100% Italian oranges; white chocolate, and, new within the new, the two references that inaugurate the crunchy line. This is a new line of "crunchy" creams , i.e. creams that also contain small pieces of solid ingredients and which it was possible to create thanks to the ability of the Squeezita dispenser to also dispense this type of product. The first two flavors that compose it are Choco Nuts Crunchy, a cocoa and hazelnut cream enhanced by chopped hazelnuts, and Choco Biscuit Crunchy, where instead a chopped biscuit embellishes the dark chocolate cream.

The offer of ginseng in capsules is even richer

The line of hot drinks in Dolce Gusto capsules under the Pausa brand has also been expanded, another project developed by Techfood again with Italian Foody Factory.

Here two new ginseng references are added to the eight already present. Red ginseng, a drink with a tonic and energizing effect, with various bioactive substances, which strengthens the immune system's defenses, reduces stress, regulates blood pressure and improves physical and mental performance. And Ginseng lemon and honey, a delicious recipe that combines the energy of ginseng with the antioxidant effects of honey and the purifying effects of lemon.

Like the entire range in capsules, the new entries are also gluten and lactose free, without GMOs and hydrogenated fats, and are prepared with Ginny4.0 Caps , the 4.0 machine which with its multibeverage system dispenses every type of drink in Dolce Gusto compatible capsules .

A Host with the Angry Bartender

The new products, together with the company's flagships, including the Combi Wave oven, will be the protagonists of the Techfood stand (pavilion 18P, stand B90 and C89) at Host , scheduled at Fieramilano from 13 to 17 October (read Appointment at Host for the horeca world). At the stand to welcome guests will be Pedro , the bartender influencer famous as the "Answered Barista" (until 16 October), with cooking shows in which he will show everything that can be created with Space Bun and Squeezita products. Guests will also be able to directly experience the new machine and for this purpose they will be provided with a Welcome Kit, in collaboration with Menù, with some ingredients for preparing the sandwiches.

October 13, 2023